An Open Door Policy

In order to help both existing and new potential business owners who are looking for information on what needs to be done before opening a business in Andover Township.

Our Economic Development business leaders have developed a step by step instruction list for you to follow along with names and contact information:

Welcome to Andover Township

For Existing Buildings/Properties

(Prior to any altering, enlarging or occupying the building)

  1. Call the municipal building 973-383-4280 Ext. 240 and either discuss over the phone or set up a meeting with Jim Cutler, Zoning Official. Municipal hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm. Please have the Block, Lot and Street address available so that the exact zone that the property is in can be determined. The municipal address is 134 Newton-Sparta road (Andover Township) Newton, NJ 07860
  2. While reviewing the zone with Jim Cutler, see all the allowable/conditional uses for the property in question.
  3. Should the property and use comply with the zoning, a zoning permit must be filled out, reviewed and issued from the zoning official. The proper individual permits then need to be issued and picked up for the building.
  4. a. Should you be only occupying the existing space with no revisions, pick up and fill out a smoke detector/fire inspection application. Follow the instructions on this, including a physical inspection and you can open your business when the certificate is issued. The Fire Official for Andover Township is Bill Flammer. Ext. 257. Bill’s inspection days are Wednesdays.

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    Should you need to alter, enlarge, renovate the building you will need to pick up and fill out the proper sub codes forms and provide 2 signed and sealed copies of the proposed plans created by a licensed architect in the state of NJ. The information will be reviewed by the Building Official, the Fire Official and the Electrical Official (Cliff Storms Ext. 240 Inspections on Tuesday & Thursday)

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  5. Should the use or conditions not meet with the existing zoning; the Zoning Official will direct the applicant to the Planning/Zoning Department. The Land Use Administrator, Linda Paolucci, will provide the appropriate application(s) to the applicant for appearance before the Land Use Board.
  6. In conjunction with “3” above, you may need to contact the Sussex County Health Department. They have jurisdiction over all private sewer systems, food handling establishments, and Hair & Nail Salons in Sussex County. The office number is 973-579-0370. For Septic Systems contact Emerick Siebold. For Food handling or Hair & Nail Salon-type business, contact Ralph D’Aries. The address for the County is 1 Spring Street (on the square) in the Cochran Plaza, Newton NJ 07860

For New Buildings/Properties

  1. Speak with the Zoning Officer Jim Cutler to see if the use is conforming or if the application would require a variance
  2. Upon the zoning officer’s recommendation, the applicant will come to the Planning/Zoning Department and see Linda Paolucci our Land Use Board administrator who will guide the applicant through the application process.
  3. After appearing before the Land Use Board and if the application is approved proceed with number “3B” above
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